Critical Infrastructure Security Radar

EchoGuard is an ultra-low SWaP ESA radar that intelligently searches, detects, and tracks objects of interest in both ground and air domains. As the primary sensor in a multi-sensor system, EchoGuard rapidly and accurately slews other sensors such as PTZ optical cameras, even at high zoom levels and while tracking fast moving targets such as drones, and records valuable data for prosecution of offenders and performance evaluation. 

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Highest performance in its class

Thanks to our innovative MESA technology, EchoGuard is the only compact ESA radar that provides the best performance at commercial prices.

Built for systems integration

EchoGuard's rich data and choice of outputs create simple, powerful integrations that cue pan-tilt-zoom optical sensors for visual tracking and create detailed records for existing security systems.

Feature rich, highly configurable

EchoGuard is a software-defined radar that can be customized and configured to support a range of tasks and locations through an intuitive interface. 

Proven, reliable, ready to deploy

EchoGuard has been selected as the preferred radar by dozens of security systems integrators. It continues to operate without interruption in harsh conditions and environments.

Field of view

120° azimuth x 80° elevation


24.45 - 24.65 GHz (multi-channel)
24.05 - 24.25 GHz (multi-channel)

Ground ranges

>3.5 km (car, pickup, small boat)

>2.2 km (slow moving human)

Airspace ranges

>900 m (small drone, like Phantom 4)

>1.2 km (larger drone, like Matrice 600)

>2.5 km (small manned aircraft)

Max tracks

Up to 20 simultaneous objects

A whitepaper on considerations for airspace situational awareness for Critical Infrastructure. Let us know if you have any questions.

Example site map for radar deployment at Critical Infrastructure facility

Site map example for radar deployment at critical infrastructure facility, with airspace (blue) and ground (orange) coverage.

Typical tracking ranges for ground targets:

EchoGuard typical tracking ranges for ground targets

Learn more about EchoGuard for Critical Infrastructure security.