Exceptional Radar Performance
for Defense Applications

Echodyne commercial radars are built on an innovative antenna design with extraordinary cell density and ultra-low size, weight, and power – metamaterials electronically scanned array (MESA®). Innovations in tight Tx/Rx beamforming and powerful signal processing software generate object metadata that is richer, faster, more accurate, and more reliable than any other radar in its range class. Echodyne MESA radar provides fast and accurate data to maintain optical lock on target for identification and the accuracy and reliability required for target acquisition and fire control solutions.

Dozens of defense suppliers have selected Echodyne’s commercial radars for their performance and reliability. Echodyne radar solutions are proudly designed and manufactured in the USA, in our facilities outside Seattle, Washington.  

Primary Defense Applications


When detecting and tracking UAS is the priority, radar delivers the most accurate airspace situational awareness data. Learn more.

Base Security

Force and asset protection are core to modern operations. In the system of systems, radar remains the core sensor for earliest warning. Learn how.

Portable ISR

High performance portable radar is a force multiplier for forces in austere, remote locations. Radar creates an awareness advantage. Learn more.