EchoGuard 3D Mesa Radar

A true breakthrough in ESA radar

Electronically scanned array (ESA) radar, the gold standard, has been cost-prohibitive and operationally restrictive for all but Defense and National Security applications. Echodyne's patented MESA® technology combines with powerful software to create ESA performance in a compact solid-state format that detects, tracks, and classifies objects of interest on the ground or in the air, regardless of weather or lighting conditions. Operating in the K-band for radiolocation and radionavigation services and with CE/RED/RoHS-3 compliance options, EchoGuard’s ultra-low SWaP, software-defined capabilities, and exemption from ITAR constraints allow for rapid response to user, site, and mission requirements anywhere in the world.

Why EchoGuard is the leader
for short-range radar:

  • Breakthrough Price-Performance

  • Reliable operation: 1000's operating without interruption or failure 

  • 120° Azimuth X 80° Elevation Field of View

  • 2° Az x 6° El Angular Resolution

  • 10 Hz Search While Track Rate

  • Easily Configurable to Site and Mission Requirements

  • Intuitive User Interface (UI)

  • Data-Rich C2/VMS/System Integration

  • International Version Available

Extraordinary performance in ultra-low SWaP format



EchoGuard Details

Radar Overview

EchoGuard’s exclusive Tx/Rx cell density directs thousands of pencil-thin beams across the 120° azimuth x 80° elevation field of view (FoV) in milliseconds. EchoGuard rapidly detects and precisely tracks up to 20 objects of interest, delivering high-fidelity data in a proprietary format over a standard TCP/IP Gigabit Ethernet connection. With multiple data-rich output options available by API, including raw data, EchoGuard’s superior spatial accuracy creates a robust data foundation for counter-uncrewed aircraft systems (C-UAS) and platforms, border and port surveillance, sensitive asset and VIP event security, and dozens of other applications.

Tracking Ranges (not maximum)

EchoGuard short range performance

Technical Sheet

EchoGuard Radar Specs

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Radar Dimensions

EchoGuard Radar Dimensions

Radar Software & Support

Maximize Radar Performance with our Software & Support Companion Package


Continuous Improvement from Software-Defined Radar

  • Includes All Major and Minor Releases
  • Improve Radar Operations
  • Enhanced Classification
  • Radar Data Visualization Tools
  • Radar Support Tools


Priority Access to Radar Support

  • Review and Training Sessions
  • Systems Integration
  • Troubleshooting​
  • Performance Review​
  • Planning

Priority Technical Support

Priority queuing via company match
when using [email protected].


24/7 access to all tools, manuals, and materials.


Continuous improvements through software development.


Submit requests for features and functionality.

Key Applications for EchoGuard

EchoGuard Accessories

EchoGuard Quick Start Kit

Quick Start Kit

The Quick Start Kit is a protective case containing all cables, foam for desktop work, quick release handle, and additional accessories for typical integration and testing activities.

EchoGuard Lightweight Deployment Kit

Lightweight Deployment Kit

The Lightweight Deployment Kit is designed to carry all gear (radar, computer, tripod, batteries) in a backpack weighing less than 20 lbs (9 kg), all of which is packed in a carry-on-size hard case for teams on the go.

Echodyne RadaHub


Pre-engineered C2 solution for deployment, networking, and operations of multi-radar installations. Standardize every install and simplify support and maintenance. 

EchoGuard radar tower-mount kit

Tower Mounting Kit

The Tower Mounting Kit comes in three sizes to configure and operate 2 km hemispherical ground and/or airspace surveillance.

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