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Information is the ultimate advantage. Target reconnaissance and surveillance places expeditionary forces in austere and hostile locations. In these scenarios, situational awareness of all movement – people, vehicles, vessels, and drones – is an essential requirement for ensuring mission success and force protection.

Conventionally, teams looking for portability had two options: low price compact radars with limited performance, or high price radars with improved performance at the expense of portability and operational simplicity. 

Echodyne’s breakthrough EchoGuard® is a low-price, high performance radar in an ultra-low SWaP, solid-state format about the size of a paperback book. EchoGuard detects and tracks all movement with accuracy that locks optics on objects and heightens situational awareness.

Portable ISR

EchoGuard - Unbeatable MESA performance that fits in your hand.

With ultra-low SWaP in a solid-state package, EchoGuard detects and tracks all movement with accuracy that locks optics on objects.

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Customers requested a lightweight kit for portable radar missions.

Designed to contain an EchoGuard radar, all cables, BB-2590 batteries, a TOUGHBOOK computer, and communications equipment, the LDK operates for 10-12 hours while weighing less than 25 pounds. With only 50 W draw, adding a solar collector extends the mission profile.

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Portable ISR radar

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Echodyne Awarded $20M for Border Radar

Echodyne Awarded $20M for Border Radar

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Innovation Team has awarded the company a $20M indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity (IDIQ) contract.

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Breakthrough Radar at DSEI

Breakthrough Radar at DSEI

Discover high-performance, ultra-low SWaP-C radar for defence and security.

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We hope to see you at MDM '23!

We hope to see you at MDM '23!

Echodyne radars are field tested and proven accurate, reliable, dependable for threat detect, track and classify missions required of expeditionary forces.

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