Border Security Radar




Monitoring the vast expanses between authorized entry points is difficult as remoteness, terrain, and altitude variations challenge one-size-fits-all surveillance systems. Criminal use of drones in the air, ground, and now seas require sensors with range to track objects at the further point and the data fidelity to direct response actions with pinpoint accuracy.

Echodyne’s MESA® radars are the data foundation to every solution. Already mounted on autonomous border surveillance towers that accurately detect and track ground approaches at greater than two miles distance while requiring less power than a computer monitor, Echodyne radars exceed expectations and consistently deliver outsized performance.

EchoGuard in the field on a border security tower

EchoGuard on Anduril Sentry Tower

Improve Border Security Intelligence with Echodyne MESA radar

  • Proven and reliable operations on U.S. borders without service interruption or equipment failure

  • Options for portable, on-the-halt, fixed, on-the-move

  • Software-configurable to site and mission requirements

  • Detect and track all movement across broad field of view

  • Advanced classification minimizes system tasks

  • Accurately slew expensive long-range optical sensors for object identification

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Border Security Radar

EchoGuard in the field, border security ISR


Border Security Radar

The terrain between ports of entry is vast and varied. No matter how careful the planning, topological distinctions create view sheds for fixed deployments. EchoGuard's low SWaP and high performance are the data foundation for field intelligence, filling the gap in field operations. EchoGuard's high data rate and positional accuracy continue to be the foundation for fixed border towers operating on U.S. borders without interruption or failure.  

ECHOGUARD for border security


Advanced Border Security Radar

EchoShield is a next-generation radar with three times the range and twice the accuracy of EchoGuard. Built on cognitive radar theory, EchoShield combines extraordinary accuracy with software-based mission sets to intelligently deliver advanced radar resources tailored to mission success. As the base layer on intelligent towers or mobile platforms, EchoShield is foundation of next-generation border situational awareness. 

ECHOSHIELD for border security

EchoShield radar for border security

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