EchoShield medium-range MESA radar

Next-Generation Cognitive Radar

EchoShield® is a next-generation, software-defined, medium-range, pulse-Doppler, cognitive 4D radar operating in the Ku-band (15.4-16.6 GHz) for radionavigation and radiolocation applications.

Dense Tx/Rx cells create the industry’s most accurate spatial data for sensor fusion, command & control (C2) interfaces, and other intelligent systems and platforms. Waveforms tailored for high-accuracy classification deliver a decluttered data stream rich with metadata about tracked objects. High-speed data slews optical sensors and directs mitigation platforms with extraordinary precision.

Angular Accuracy is the New Range Requirement

Conventionally, radar choices have focused on range as the primary criteria. New airspace objects move slower, fly lower, and are directionally more erratic than jets and missiles. These new threats can stump existing sensors and effectors. The challenge of tracking jets or missiles is quite different from tracking drones at low altitude in contested airspace. 

Data fidelity is increasingly important for detecting and identifying these dynamic, inexpensive, and readily available threats. Tracking a Group 3 drone at 8 km requires precise spatial data to achieve smooth panning with a tight optical lock on the drone intruder. Tracking hundreds of objects with an industry-leading <0.5° angular accuracy in both azimuth and elevation, EchoShield easily manages complex scenes and directs effectors with stunning data fidelity.

EchoShield Mission Sets

With class-leading size, weight, and power (SWaP) and a large, customizable, and intelligent field of view (FoV), EchoShield is designed for rapid optimization to user, location, and requirements. To expedite configuration, EchoShield introduces the Mission Set. Employing cognitive radar concepts, simple software configuration from a menu of Mission Sets accelerates deployment to quickly achieve mission objectives. Each Mission Set utilizes tailored waveforms and agile beam schedules to rapidly deliver exactly the right performance. Moving between Mission Sets is only a few steps in the software interface, with radar resources tailored to the selected mission snapping into the user foreground.

Mission Set: C-UAS

The Counter-Unmanned Aircraft System (C-UAS) Mission Set optimizes EchoShield for the shorter ranges where effectors are most successful – inside a 4 km heightened awareness zone. It also intelligently delivers greater radar energy where intruding drones are most likely to be found – along the low horizon and ground pop-ups – while continuously searching the entire FoV. Additionally, of critical importance in dense scenes, this Mission Set also includes accurate classification at full tracking range, ensuring radar resources are delivering clean data to higher-level systems.

Mission Set: Dismount

The Dismount Mission Set optimizes for enhanced ground perimeter surveillance with >8 km range on human movement and >11 km on vehicles. With such volumes of space in varied terrain, classification accuracy leads to better identification of perimeter breach and smarter use of technology and human resources.

Additional Mission Sets:

  • C-UAS 2 – Precision airspace surveillance for larger UAVs (<11km)

  • Coastal – Enhanced surveillance of coastline perimeters

  • Airspace Management – Precise UAS navigational guidance

  • On-the-move (OTM) C-UAS – C-UAS precision from moving sensor platforms

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