EchoGuard CR®

EchoGuard close range MESA radar

EchoGuard CR - Part of the EchoGuard family of 4D, beam steering radars

EchoGuard CR is specifically built for performance in semi-urban, urban, and other close-range environments. EchoGuard CR’s low-power signature maintains high performance by managing energy output to reduce signal clutter and reflection. EchoGuard CR rapidly and accurately detects and assesses multiple ground and air targets within the 120° azimuth and 80° elevation field of view. High-fidelity data for up to 20 simultaneous tracks includes latitude, longitude, range, velocity, bearing, closing time, and more to seamless integrate with and power surveillance systems. 

Radar Details

Field of View

EchoGuard CR wide field of view

Typical Tracking Ranges

Close Range EchoGuard performance

Technical Sheet

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Radar Dimensions

EchoGuard CR Radar Dimensions

Radar Software & Support

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EchoGuard CR Radar Kits

Get more out of EchoGuard CR using kits designed to support detection and tracking goals.

Echoguard CR radar Quick Start Kit

The Quick Start Kit has all the cables and connections you need to start integration and testing with your Echodyne radar.

EchoGuard radar Lightweight Deployment Kit

For teams on the go, the Lightweight Deployment Kit (LDK) packs radar, cables, and tripod into a backpack weighing <20 lbs.

EchoGuard CR Tower Kit

The Tower Mounting Kit comes in three sizes to configure and operate 2 km hemispherical ground and/or airspace surveillance.

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