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National or overseas assets and forces are prime targets for state and non-state actors. Continuous innovations in robotics and autonomous technology constantly raise threat levels and extend the perimeter from surface to sky.

Resilient base security in permanent or temporary locations is essential for mission objectives and force protection. Multi-mission radars that detect and track all movement on the ground or in the air across a large field of view are essential components for developing three-dimensional (3D) perimeter surveillance architecture. 

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Proven Performance

Echodyne radars are the cornerstone of a robust, layered security system. Detecting and tracking all movement, including hovering drones, and reliably slewing optical sensors to maintain optical lock for eyes on object, Echodyne radars outperform all radars in their range class. 

Selected for the U.S. Army’s Security Surveillance System (SSS) program, Echodyne radars are an economical, high-performance solution to the growing need for 3D security sensor excellence.

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Base Security Radar Solutions

EchoGuard radar for base security


For robust Base Security and Force Protection

Superior 4D radar performance that consistently slews complementary sensors and accurately trains effectors with detailed object data of all ground and air movement.

EchoGuard for Resilient Base Security


For Base Security and OTM Force Protection

For assets of greater sensitivity or where mobility is required, EchoShield captures all movements with detailed classification and object metadata that enhances situational awareness.

ECHOSHIELD for Enhanced security

EchoShield radar for border security

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Enhance National Security Operations

Enhance National Security Operations

Echodyne COTS, low-SWaP-C radars provide precision multi-domain threat detection for better situational awareness and more informed decision making. Discover more about our radar and where to find us at Milipol.  

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Equipping the Warfighter

Equipping the Warfighter

Are you planning to be at AUSA this year? Stop by the Echodyne booth and discover why Echodyne is trusted to provide high performance, low SWaP radar for national defense and military missions.

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Echodyne Receives FCC Authorization for EchoShield Radar

Echodyne Receives FCC Authorization for EchoShield Radar

This authorization allows EchoShield to be used for non-experimental purposes and arrives as demand for its breakthrough capability grows across all markets and applications.

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