Critical Infrastructure Protection Teams Have New Concerns 

Critical infrastructure protection needs are being stretched. As the number of curious to nefarious actors increases, both in the air and on the ground, security teams require better situational awareness and more time to respond. Security teams need technology-driven solutions to inform operations, engage and empower law enforcement, and secure sites. Radar for critical infrastructure protection is the cornerstone of a comprehensive security solution.

Critical Infrastructure Applications

Drone Detection 

Multi-million-dollar drone detection systems at the most secure facilities have gaps. Deploying radar for critical infrastructure drone detection delivers actionable, high-fidelity data when threats are at a distance. Identifying threats sooner means more reaction time and better outcomes. Learn more.

3D Security

Many critical infrastructure protection systems include ground surveillance radar. However, the threat landscape is changing. Using three-dimensional (3D) radar for enhanced perimeter security improves situational awareness by providing high-fidelity data of both ground and air threats. Discover more.