Stop contraband. Improve safety. Save lives.


The threat landscape at prisons is changing.


Cheap, fast-moving drones give criminals an efficient way of smuggling contraband into prisons. Now, off-the-shelf drones carry payloads as large as 20 lbs., under the cover of night and over prison walls and nets. More insidious are dark drones - those invisible to conventional RF-based drone detection solutions.

Close perimeter security gaps with radar.

As criminals find more creative ways to subvert conventional perimeter intrusion detection methods, new technology is required that reduces false alarms and closes security gaps at correctional sites. MESA® radar is the right technology at the right time – military grade and commercially priced. MESA radar detects everything that moves, 24/7 and integrates with other sensors and systems to deliver long-term ROI even as criminals evolve their trespass approach.

MESA radar improves situational awareness:

  • Prioritize drone detection and classification

  • Unique design tracks more targets with higher precision

  • High-fidelity data boosts effectiveness of other sensors and systems, including optical and RF

  • Integrate with existing C2 and VMS for alerting and slew-to-cue

  • Reduce false alarms

  • Improve operational efficiency



EchoGuard radar for Corrections

Stronger perimeter security with drone detection radar.  


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Protecting Infrastructure from Drones

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Smarter Security Through Radar

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MESA Radar for Critical Infrastructure


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