’24 ACA Congress of Correction

Booth #1121

Visit Echodyne at the 154th Annual Congress of Correction and discover why prisons are enhancing perimeter intrusion security to include drone detection using radar.

Echodyne exhibiting at ACA Congress of Correction

Drones present a new threat at Corrections facilities. Cheap, off-the-shelf drones are being used by criminals to smuggle contraband into prisons. The presence of cell phones, drugs, weapons, and other illicit materials foments conflict amongst offenders and puts the population and staff members at risk of harm.  For the first time, military-grade precision radar is available for critical infrastructure security applications including drone detection at correctional facilities experiencing contraband delivery by drones.


Visit Echodyne in booth #1121 at the 154th Annual Congress of Correction and discover why prisons choose Echodyne radar for enhancing perimeter intrusion security and drone detection. A few significant advantages of adding high-performance radar to your perimeter intrusion sensor stack include:

  • Detect all drones (even “dark” or “silent” drones)
  • Detect drones 24/7, regardless of weather conditions
  • When combined with existing sensors, radar can amplify the effectiveness of those sensors – slew-to-cue, for example
  • High-fidelity radar data helps reduce false alarms and contributes to contraband retrieval success

Be sure to stop by the Echodyne booth and speak with a radar for corrections security expert. And if you are interested in learning how radar helps security teams close perimeter security gaps, visit here

Or reach out via our contact form to schedule a consultation and site assessment. 


About the American Corrections Association

For more than 152 years, the American Correctional Association has championed the cause of corrections and correctional effectiveness. Founded in 1870 as the National Prison Association, ACA is the oldest association developed specifically for practitioners in the correctional profession. At the ACA centennial meeting in 1970, a revised set of Principles, reflecting advances in theory and practice, was adopted by the Association. The principles were updated in 1982 and lastly in 2002.

The American Correctional Association shapes the future of corrections through strong, progressive leadership that brings together various voices and forges coalitions and partnerships to promote the concepts embodied in its Declaration of Principles.

For more information about the August event, visit the ACA 154th Congress of Correction website.

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