Radar for Critical Infrastructure Security

Inexpensive yet highly capable drones are invisible to legacy ground-only perimeter security systems. From refineries and airports to stadiums and public events, the airspace remains completely unguarded.

The best security solutions include a software-integrated multi-sensor network designed for each unique deployment and its shape, size, and surroundings.

End users, Systems Integrators, and OEMs benefit from the performance, configurability, ease of deployment, and quality of our 3D surveillance radars for situational awareness of both ground and air perimeters. We invite you to learn more.

EchoGuard radar for critical infrastructure security

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Comprehensive ground + airspace surveillance from one radar. Ideal for integrators and resellers for use with existing security systems. Rich data for systems integration and optical sensor slew-to-cue for "eyes on object." High-performance radar at commercial prices that outperforms every other radar in its class.

The new standard in affordable 3D security for critical infrastructure. Typical tracking ranges exceed all comparable radars. ESA performance at commercial prices. 

radar for cip

Drone Detection 

Small drones have become more than a nuisance. Illegal overflights are no longer news. Drones can spy with audio and optical sensors and transport munitions or contraband. Even the best drone pilot can accidentally crash a drone at a public event.

Security professionals need robust counter-drone solutions that integrate radar with existing security systems and other sensors, especially leading VMS and pan-tilt-zoom cameras. Echodyne radars are designed for easy integration and unparalleled airspace security performance.  

Radar for drone DETECTION

The DedroneTower with Echodyne MESA® Radar

The DedroneTower with EchoGuard radar detects, classifies, tracks, and identifies commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) and autonomous UAS

Close Range Urban & Dense Environments

High-risk sites are not always in remote locations. Sites in urban areas need security systems with short range and high accuracy. Over-powered radars can send RF energy bouncing off nearby buildings, causing unnecessary false alarm rates without adding to security. 

For close range security, Echodyne offers the EchoGuard CR radar. EchoGuard CR is a high-performing ESA radar with shorter range and a lower price.

Radar for URBAN environments

EchoGuard deployed for urban airspace situational awareness demonstration

EchoGuard radar deployed in major urban location for airspace situational awareness demonstration

Public Safety - Law Enforcement, Fire, Search and Rescue

Robust temporary ground and airspace security is both necessary and possible. Whether ensuring clear airspace for first responders or protecting public events, radar can detect, track, and classify drones, and create a 3D evidence record needed for prosecution. Ideal for law enforcement, wildfire, and search and rescue missions.

Proven at major sporting events for counter-drone security, Echodyne radars are rapidly deployable, all-weather, lightweight, solid-state, and low power, all while delivering superior performance.

Radar for LE/F/SAR

EchoGuard deployed on SentryView Systems UMDP

EchoGuard radars deployed on Urban Mobile Detection Platform (UMDP) from Sentry View Systems

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