Airspace Unlocked:
Sensors, Drones, and Echodyne's Role

In today’s world, drones pose both immense opportunities and challenges for the airspace. As with all technology, there are bad, nuisance and good actors coexisting alongside one another with vastly different motivations.  

Echodyne CTO and co-founder Tom Driscoll joined host Danielle Piekarski on The UAS Magazine Podcast to talk about the past “decade of drones” and how Echodyne’s breakthrough in radar technology is helping to both bolster the positive use cases and mitigate the bad ones. 

He also dives into the ever-challenging problem of helping customers reach peak situational awareness in a complicated world and the power and challenges of multi-sensor fusion. He shares that the work is never done here and how Echodyne is constantly improving both its ground and air-based radar to deliver on its promise to unlock the airspace.  

The conversation wraps with a nod to a very real and current application of drone technology in the conflict in Ukraine and how the style of warfare being used on the battlefield is shaping UAS technology.  

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Airspace Unlocked: Sensors, Drones, and Echodyne's Role

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