Portable ISR Radar

EchoGuard achieves mission objectives at COTS pricing. With ultra-low SWaP, EchoGuard is ideal for discrete deployments and maximum situational awareness of ground and air movement.  

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Real human-portability

EchoGuard is a truly man-portable radar - less than seven kilograms total system carry weight for a complete single radar kit with ten hours of battery-powered field use. 

Force multiplier

Improvements in intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance increase mission performance and enhance safety. 

Sequential lobing super-resolution

When a target is tracked, EchoGuard revisits the target at up to 10hz for precise 3D airspace coordinates and velocity.

Proven. Reliable. Ready to Deploy.

Solid-state rugged design means the radar is deployable in minutes with no calibration required. 


20.3 cm x 16.3 cm x 4 cm


1.25 kg (2.75 lbs)


DC +15 V to +28 V
<50 W (operating)
<15 W (hot standby)


-40°C to +75°C

Weather protection


EchoGuard in field test

EchoGuard radar in field demonstration

EchoGuard Rapid Deployment Kit

EchoGuard Rapid Deployment Kit provides maximum portability for high-performance radar.

Learn more about EchoGuard for highly-portable ISR requirements.