Counter-Drone Radar

EchoGuard is an ultra-low SWaP ESA radar that detects and tracks drones in unauthorized areas. EchoGuard rapidly and accurately slews other sensors such as PTZ optical cameras for continuous eyes-on-object, even at high zoom levels and while tracking fast moving targets. 

EchoGuard radar for counter-drone protection

Breakthrough performance at breakthrough pricing

EchoGuard's MESA technology brings advanced ESA radar performance to counter-drone perimeter security at commercial pricing. 

Security system integration

EchoGuard is designed for integration with other sensors and existing video management systems (VMS). We support systems integrators and provide radar expertise as they design security solutions for their customers' facilities.

Superior airspace tracking

EchoGuard actively revisits tracked objects at up to 10 Hz to achieve precise airspace tracking for human-in-the-loop or AI visual confirmation.

Proven, reliable, ready to deploy

Already selected by dozens of counter-drone system Defense suppliers, EchoGuard delivers outstanding performance to achieve the security objectives of high risk critical infrastructure. 

Solution attributes:

Field of view
    • 120° azimuth x 80° elevation
angular resolution
    • 2° azimuth x 6° elevation
search while track
    • Exclusive to ESA class radars, object tracks are updated at ~10 Hz while continuously scanning entire field of view
Max tracks
    • >20 simultaneous tracks

Product Documents

Typical tracking ranges for air targets:

Radar range for drone-detection
EchoGuard radar on tower for hemispherical airspace surveillance


2 km hemisphere of airspace situational awareness from EchoGuard 3D surveillance radars


EchoGuard demonstrates data accuracy for slew-to-cue of Bosch optical sensor

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