Close Range 3D Radar

EchoGuard CR is a lower-power 3D radar that achieves high detection and tracking accuracy in dense semi-urban, urban, and other close-range environments. Too much power can be detrimental to radar performance in dense environments with lots of signal clutter and reflection. EchoGuard CR delivers market-leading performance in tight spaces.

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Accuracy in close quarters

EchoGuard CR is designed for precise detection and tracking of ground and airspace objects in areas that confound traditional high-performance radars.

Advanced drone detection

EchoGuard CR detects, tracks, and classifies both moving and hovering drones.

Ultra-low SWaP-C

Low size, weight, and power. And with reduced cost, too.

Proven. Reliable. Ready to Deploy.

EchoGuard CR is part of the proven EchoGuard family of radars. It is built for performance.

Field of view

120° azimuth x 80° elevation

Angular resolution

2° azimuth x 6° elevation

Range (sUAS)

>225 m

Range (human)

>500 m

Range (vehicle)

>900 m


<24 W (operating)

<10 W (hot standby)

Typical detection ranges for ground and air targets:

EchoGuard CR typical tracking ranges
EchoGuard 3D radar for close range surveillance

A rooftop array for testing and demonstration. Includes RadarHub (manages up to 5 radars from one unit), 4x EchoGuard CR, and Axis pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) optical sensor.

EchoGuard in urban testing deployment

EchoGuard radar deployed for urban airspace situational awareness demonstration.

Learn more about EchoGuard CR for critical infrastructure security.