The Surprising Key That Will Enable Drones To Change The World

Whether you love drones or you hate them, you probably agree that they have the potential to change the world. From carrying vaccines for babies in the South Pacific to transporting blood products in Rwanda, drones have already improved health care access around the world. And that’s just in the humanitarian space – when you add mapping, crop monitoring, infrastructure inspection, and the possibility of transporting people and goods, you get a sense of the impact drones can have.

But like the internet without firewalls or email without spam filters, drone operations cannot reach their full potential without protections that deter malicious operators. People who depend on drones for business are the first to acknowledge that if drones are to change the world, we need to know how to manage them safely, and stop them if necessary.

Stopping malicious drones isn't easy, but it can be done. First, reliable and robust detection is necessary, so that drones can be spotted in time to take some action.

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