Law Enforcement Equipment & Technology Expo '23

Visit Echodyne to learn why government, border security, law enforcement, and public safety teams are integrating radar into security and response protocols. Radar provides accurate ground and air threat detection on multiple intruders at once, giving teams greater situational awareness for better decision making.

About the Event

Held each year in El Paso, Texas, at Biggs Army Airfield, May 3-4, 2022. The Special Operations Group (SOG) Expo was organized for market research specific to the needs of the United States Border Patrol SOG and to review industry products and/or services currently available that can meet our immediate and future needs. No conversations between government and industry vendor participants may be taken to imply that an award of a contract or purchase order will result.

Many different Law Enforcement and Military Agencies support the Equipment and Technology Expo. The Expo displays will be held at the Centennial NCO Club on Biggs Army Airfield, also known as East Fort Bliss. This venue supports more outside exhibits and provides much better parking. The Centennial is a fully functional facility with an onsite cafeteria.

This year they have collaborated with the Border Patrol Foundation, this can’t-miss event provides a once-a-year opportunity to celebrate your peers and colleagues and honor those who have sacrificed everything to protect our borders.

Mark your calendar and make plans to be there. You won’t want to miss it!