Full Spectrum Air Defense '23

Visit Echodyne at Full Spectrum Air Defense and learn why Echodyne radars are trusted as precise and reliable for detecting, tracking, and classifying air threats, and slewing optics and mitigators.

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The future of air and missile defence will be characterised by a full spectrum of threats. With adversary advancements in ballistic missiles technology, next generation aircraft, and unmanned aerial systems utilising a variety of enhanced capabilities including stealth, maneuvering re-entry vehicles, decoys, and jamming devices, the need to rapidly evolve air defence structures has become a necessity for all defence forces.

The Full Spectrum Air Defence conference will reinvigorate the conversation, addressing the full scale, range and structures of air defence. Led by senior air defence commanders, research and development specialists, and industry partners, we will determine strategy, technological advancements, integration, and approaches for international cooperation across the full air defence spectrum, ensuring the response to existing and emerging threats remains unified and effective.