Echodyne Invited to FAA Uncrewed Aircraft System Beyond Visual Line Of Sight (BVLOS) Aviation Rulemaking Committee

Members of the ARC to provide recommendations shaping UAS regulation

Seattle, WA. -- June TBC, 2021 --
Echodyne, the radar platform company, announced today that it has been invited by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to join the Uncrewed Aircraft System (UAS) Beyond Visual Line-of-Sight (BVLOS) Aviation Rulemaking Committee (ARC). Echodyne, among other industry leaders, will play a key role in defining the future of uncrewed aircraft integration into the United States’ National Airspace System and regulation to ensure safety, security, and compliance.

“The formation of this committee represents a strong step forward for the broader UAS industry as we move towards a future of autonomous machines,” said Eben Frankenberg, CEO of Echodyne. “We have developed significant experience in the area of airspace situational awareness through our work with a range of commercial customers, government agencies, and UAS test centers. We look forward to contributing our expertise and learnings to this important Aviation Rulemaking Committee.”

The UAS BVLOS ARC will be responsible for providing recommendations to the FAA for regulatory requirements to normalize safe, scalable, economically viable, and environmentally advantageous uncrewed operations. The committee will use a performance-based, technology agnostic regulatory framework to address a wide variety of use cases, including:

  • Long-line linear infrastructure inspections
  • Industrial aerial data gathering
  • Small package delivery
  • And precision agriculture operations.

The FAA’s UAS BVLOS ARC was established to advance safe and secure integration of unmanned systems. The FAA has the sole authority to coordinate and task Aviation Rulemaking Committees (ARCs), which provide information, advice, and recommendations to the FAA. For more information on the UAS BVLOS ARC, visit