Echodyne CTO to Give Presentation on Sensor Technologies for Counter-Drone Operations at Counter UAS Digital Summit

Dr. Tom Driscoll to Present on Radar’s Role in Complete Airspace Situational Awareness

Seattle, WA. August 31, 2020 -- Echodyne, the radar platform company, announced today that its co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Tom Driscoll, will give a presentation entitled “Counter-UAS & Airspace Awareness: Sensor Options & Considerations” at Counter-UAS Digital Summit on Monday, August 31st at 9:30am. This event will take place digitally via the conference platform.

Counter-UAS Digital Summit brings together leaders and executives from military, government, law enforcement, academia and industry to discuss the latest innovations enabling the continued experimentation and implementation of counter-UAS detection and mitigation. The conference will address the increasing complexity of threats today and highlight developments in counter-UAS technology and regulation that are moving the industry forward.

Driscoll will focus on radar used in counter-UAS deployments, examining the sensing capabilities of current technologies for long and short-range detection. He will provide examples and real sensor data to explain how radar informs airspace situational awareness and the value of radar data for prosecutorial action, non-kinetic or kinetic response targeting, and other use cases.

“The threat presented by low-cost widely-available UAS is growing, driven by both careless and criminal actors.  Securing against this threat requires 3D situational awareness, built on a suite of high-reliability long-range sensors.” Driscoll said. “Electronically scanned array radar is a core component of such cUAS sensor suites, as it provides a combination of range, accuracy, and reliability that no other technology can.”

Echodyne will also be exhibiting at Counter UAS Digital Summit.