Echodyne Brings High Performance Radar to Commercial Market


Jetsonian. It’s not a real word, but when you hear it used by Eben Frankenberg to describe the coming age of autonomous machines you’ll completely understand what he’s talking about. Frankenberg is CEO of Bellevue-based Echodyne Corporation. They make radar.

“Twenty years from now it’s going to be very Jetsonian. You’ll see lots of autonomous cars and trucks and I think there will be major changes in the transportation industry as a result of those and also in the airspace as well,” Frankenberg said.

He’s even willing to take his forecast one step further. You know those flying cars we’ve been expecting since the Sixties? “I think within twenty years there’s a high probability you’re going to see flying taxi services in some metropolitan areas — human sized drones,” he said. “And there are a bunch of companies working on that, big companies like Airbus and Boeing, as well as a ton of startups.”

Being that Frankenberg is in the thick of this technology, I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

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