“Dark Drones & Detection, Commerce & Crime.”

webinar presenter Curtis Walters

Drone and dark drone use is on the rise. Whether clueless, careless, or criminal in intent, a drone in your airspace can cause minor disruption or significant harm. First presented at the annual GSX conference and exposition, this 40-minute talk hosted by Curtis Walters (Echodyne) demystifies drone operation and detection by defining the current threats, distilling detection technology as appropriate by site risk, and considering implications of current and desired legislation for drone detection and cUAS activities in the commercial security space.

You should attend if you want to:

    • Learn why you should prepare for “dark drones”
    • Discover which sensors and technologies are appropriate when and why
    • Plan for drone detection technology and software evaluation
    • Understand the implications of potential new drone detection laws

“Dark Drones & Detection, Commerce & Crime.”  


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