Visit us at the Counter UAS Summit USA '23

Discover why Echodyne radars are trusted by defense teams seeking exacting performance on counter UAS (cUAS) missions. Echodyne ultra-low SWaP-C radar are field tested and proven dependable, accurate, and reliable for detecting, tracking, and classifying multiple airborne targets at once. And the radar data is precise enough to slew kinetic mitigators. 

More about the Counter UAS Summit USA

At a crucial time when the United States Department of Defense have requested at least $668 million for counter-drone R&D and at least $78 million for procurement in FY2023, the IDGA Counter-UAS Summit arrives in a timely manner, bringing together senior decision-makers from the Armed Services, Federal Agencies and the DoD to discuss key challenges, requirements and procurement programs.

The rapid proliferation of UAS has been one of the most unsettling tactical advancements on the battlefield in recent years. Not least because of asymmetric engagement whereby the United States’ traditional air superiority is being challenged by non-state actors and adversaries. However, the use of UAS transcends the battlefield. Indeed, the ease of acquiring UAS means that key decision-makers are grappling with the question of how UAS can be integrated into the National Airspace System (NAS) for beneficial purposes while mitigating the risk of the nefarious employment of UAS.

To combat this threat while simultaneously staying ahead of the curve, cooperation and innovation will be vital and this conference seeks to ensure that thought leaders can confront some of these key questions and together, bolster the security of the US and its allies.

IDGA’s Counter-UAS Summit will provide you the unique opportunity to network, connect, and learn from the most influential thought leaders and practitioners, all tirelessly dedicated to mitigating this multi-domain challenge.