ANRA Technologies’ Launches New “Open” Next Generation Workflow Management for Drone Flight, Traffic, Data


ANRA Technologies, a provider of open commercial drone operations platforms and services, announced the release of version 3.0 of its DroneOSS™, a horizontal, enterprise-focused, open operations platform.

DroneOSS enables real-time flight planning, automated notification/authorizations like LAANC (coming soon), autonomous execution, tracking, remote command and control, real-time live sensor data/video streaming, data analytics, and integration of the processed actionable data back into enterprise systems. DroneOSS first introduced real-time integrated video streaming and sensor control for commercial drones in 2016 and over the years has been evolving this capability to minimize latency and enhance security.

Using DroneOSS Platform, a user can be flying a drone in California, while another user watches the feed in Washington, DC and an analyst controls the sensor while watching live data come in securely in Colorado. The data is processed using integrated vertical specific data engines. Mission profiles available in the system completely automate inspections using customizable mission profiles for vertical and horizontal missions at the click of a button.

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