Radar for Drone Detection

Join the Echodyne team at the ACA Winter Conference. Learn how prisons are combatting the problem of drone and dark drone delivery of contraband by leveraging radar for early threat detection. Echodyne radars are ultra-low SWaP-C (size, weight, power, and cost), solid state, and software driven to deliver precision object location data, improving situational awareness and boosting efficacy of other sensors and systems. Stop by the Echodyne booth to learn how Echodyne radar helps teams stop or intercept contraband delivery by drone.

About the ACA Winter Conference:

The ACA Winter conference is a platform of engaging presentations and discussions, valuable insights and networking opportunities within the field of corrections. Your presence and participation contribute to the collective knowledge and continuing growth of our corrections community. The ACA Winter Conference will showcase a wealth of educational sessions, a thought-provoking keynote address, interactive workshops and informative exhibits.


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