EchoGuard for GBDAA

Our compact portable solid-state EchoGuard radar is ideal for fixed, corridor, and temporary UAS flight operations. Integrated into several UAS Support Services (USS) platforms under NASA's Technology Capability Level (TCL) demonstrations and the FAA’s UAS Integration Pilot Program (IPP) and UTM Pilot Program (UPP), EchoGuard has demonstrated its leading airspace management capabilities in Alaska (Alaska Center for UAS Integration at University of Alaska at Fairbanks), North Dakota (Northern Plains UAS Test Center), Texas (Lone Star UAS Test Center of Excellence and Innovation), and Virginia (Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership at Virginia Tech).

EchoGuard's MESA technology provides exceptional and cost-effective sensor performance for UAS mission safety and success.

Size8.0in x 6.4in x 1.57in (20.3cm x 16.3cm x 4cm)
PowerDC +15V to +28V
Operating <50W
Hot standby <15W
Field of View≥ 120° Azimuth x 80° Elevation
A Airtaxi


True beam-steering radar simultaneously scans large airspace volumes and tracks multiple objects of interest.

D Phantom4


Four-on-a-pole achieves 6km hemispherical airspace management for significantly less than one conventional mechanically rotating radar.

D Droneradar


The range and accuracy required to unlock the potential of BVLOS flights for commercial UAS.

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