Solution Kits for EchoGuard

EchoGuard is the consistent choice for 3D surveillance solutions requiring radar with ultra-low SWaP-C and highly accurate detection, tracking, and classifying objects of interest in the airspace or advancing on the ground. The Solution Kits below are designed to provide the components necessary to quickly integrate EchoGuard into your solution, from testing the first unit to deploying at scale.

Quick Start Kit

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The Quick Start Kit (QSK) includes many essential items to begin testing and integration work for the EchoGuard radar (sold separately). The QSK includes:

Rugged Pelican iM2275 transport case
Radar-absorbing blue foam insert for desktop testing
Radar tripod bracket (does not include tripod)
3D printed mounting bracket w/handle and hardware
Red dot aiming sight for precision heading in the field (only ships to USA)
Oben QRA-R2 tripod quick release assembly w/RP-20 plate
24 V / 3 A  AC/DC wall supply, 5.5 mm barrel connector
8' radar interface cable
Power and GigE command/data interface
Molex terminated to power cable, 5.5 mm 18 AWG

Tower Mounting Kit

All-weather 24/7 Counter-UAS deployment solution for securely mounting multiple EchoGuard radar units for 1 km sUAS radial detection range. Precisely position radars on a central column for simultaneous overlapping coverage to support 360° azimuth by 80° elevation airspace surveillance without the inherent track update delay from rotational radar systems. Enables camera slew-to-cue coordination, track hand-off, and data fusion with other sensor modalities (ADS-B, RF direction finding, etc). Fully customizable solution that adapts to your site plans and mission requirements.

Key Features:

4 EchoGuard radars on a pole = 1km radial coverage (2k diameter) for sUAS
Modular system includes separate arm brackets and pole adapters
Easily configurable for mounting 1, 2, or 4 radars
Powder coated, solid aluminum construction with mounting hardware
Pole diameter options:
Small kit (65-110 mm)
Medium kit (80-150 mm)
Large kit (210-225 mm)
Arm bracket includes swivel for customized radar orientations
Additional options for building parapet and corner mount solutions
Cabling solutions for any scenario
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Rapid Deployment Kit

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The entire RDK fits in a Pelican 1620 case, can be set up and running in less than 5 minutes and is extremely easy to operate in typical field locations. This kit is ideally suited for quick deployments where 24/7 protection is needed most. For extended patrol missions, the RDK is designed to fit in a backpack (< 15 lbs with essential components). For situations requiring 360° surveillance or complex distributed perimeters, multiple radars can be networked and controlled from the EchoGuard UI application.

1x Compact tripod with pan/tilt head and quick release
1x Radar mounting bracket with red-dot aiming site & dust cover
1x Cable spool with 2x 50' CAT6 outdoor cable & RJ-45 couplers
1x Radome cover with magnetic attachment
1x Battery molle pouch
1x 24 V AC/DC adapter
The case is configured for (purchased separately):
2x BB-2590 7.5 Ah rechargeable Li-Ion batteries
1x Toughbook computer or similar
*EchoGuard radar sold separately