Echodyne designs and manufactures radars with unparalleled price-performance. MESA technology is a fundamental breakthrough in high-performance radar with game changing benefits in many markets. Acuity is an intelligent radar control software suite to enable maximum user configurability. At an order of magnitude lower cost, Echodyne radar radically outperforms all other radar sensors in its class.

MESA Technology + Acuity Software

Echodyne’s proprietary and patented Metamaterial Electronically Scanning Array (MESA) technology realizes high-performance phased-array radar performance at breakthrough cost levels. MESA offers performance similar to more expensive electronically scanning array (ESA) radars, enabling software-defined beam-steering radar capabilities for a range of existing and new applications. Combined with our powerful software suite, Acuity, Echodyne radars offer high user customization, rich data options for security platform integration, and continuous performance improvement through regular software updates.  Echodyne's MESA technology and Acuity software create the radar platform for the Age of Autonomous Machines. 

EchoGuard for 3D Security

EchoGuard is the premier mid-range radar for robust 3D security solutions. It detects and tracks targets in both air and ground domains with high accuracy and the rich data output precisely slews optical sensors for positive identification. The software-defined radar anchors security applications such as counter-UAS, border security, perimeter security, and outdoor and public safety. 

EchoGuard also offers Solution Kits for popular applications, such as rapid deployment, tower kits for 360° hemispherical coverage. More details can be found along with the EchoGuard radar. 

EchoGuard 3D Security Radar

EchoGuard CR

EchoGuard CR is now available! It is designed for close range requirements found in many critical infrastructure security deployments, especially those in semi-/urban location, and offers these typical tracking ranges: Vehicles >900 m, Humans >500 m, Drones <200 m. 

EchoGuard CR 3D Security Radar

EchoDrive Cognitive AV Radar

EchoDrive is a high-performance imaging radar that unlocks cognitive functions in the AV stack. EchoDrive provides high-resolution imaging while simultaneously enabling the AV stack to interrogate the driving scene based on inputs from other levels of the AV system: other sensors; repositories of the scene, localization, or path planning layers; or even the control layer.

EchoDrive AV Radar

EchoFlight Airborne DAA Radar

Our airborne radar, EchoFlight, offers large field of view (FOV) and ultra-low C-SWaP to enable BVLOS and autonomous UAS missions in complex cluttered environments and all weather conditions.


EchoGuard Ground-based DAA Radar

Our ground-based DAA radar, EchoGuard, detects and tracks manned aircraft at 3km and small drones at 1km. The radar's low cost makes it economical to cover even large areas or corridors. EchoGuard is the ideal sensor for all-weather airspace surveillance and deconfliction. .



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