UAV Radar

EchoFlight is an airborne radar designed for airspace detect-and-avoid on unmanned aircraft. With rich-data output choices for onboard or ground-controlled guidance and unique hooks for integration with other sensors, like ADS/B, EchoFlight is ideal for detecting and tracking cooperative and non-cooperative aircraft to enhance mission safety. For MALE/HALE flights that might use commercial airspace, EchoFlight provides unrivaled airspace situational awareness in all weather conditions. 

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Breakthrough performance

EchoFlight's MESA technology brings compact lightweight ESA radar performance to improve UAS mission safety and success.

Ultra-low SWaP

The size of a paperback book, EchoFlight delivers true beam-steering accuracy.

High fidelity data

Multiple options for data output and integration into navigation platforms, from low bitrate fully processed Tracks to data-rich R/V maps.

Proven. Reliable. Ready to Explore.

In use by private companies, Federal agencies, and UAS research centers, EchoFlight offers superior sensor performance for unmanned aircraft.

Field of view

120° azimuth x 80° elevation

Angular resolution

2° azimuth x 6° elevation


K-band. 24.45 - 24.65 GHz (multichannel)


20.3 cm x 16.3 cm x 4 cm

Data output

R/Vmaps: 40 MB/s

Detections: 1 MB/s

Measurements: 1 MB/s

Tracks: 25 kB/s

EchoFlight radar on experimental aircraft for intruder testing

EchoFlight radar mounted on Ownship wing strut for demonstration of intruder detection and tracking

EchoFlight radar on Xwing autonomous aircraft.

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