Counter-UAS Radar

EchoGuard is the market leader for close-range counter-UAS requirements. With comprehensive and easy-to-use APIs, flexible embedded software, and multiple data output options, EchoGuard’s precise 3D coordinates and fast update rate can cue EO/IR or other directional sensors for AI or human-based object identification and mitigation response.  

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Breakthrough performance at COTS pricing

EchoGuard's MESA technology brings advanced ESA radar performance to Counter-UAS missions at commercial-off-the-shelf pricing. 

Search While Track

EchoGuard continuously searches the configured field of view while simultaneously tracking multiple targets, including swarms. 

Sequential lobing super-resolution

When a target is tracked, EchoGuard revisits the target at up to 10hz for precise airspace coordinates.

Proven. Reliable. Ready to Deploy.

Selected as the radar of choice by dozens of counter-UAS systems providers, EchoGuard delivers outstanding performance to achieve mission objectives.  


24.45 - 24.65 GHz
24.05 - 24.25 GHz

Field of view

120° azimuth x 80° elevation

Angular resolution

2° azimuth x 6° elevation

Max tracks

≤20 simultaneous tracks

Search While Track (SWT)

Tracks updated at 10 Hz while radar intelligently searches FOV

Typical tracking ranges for air targets:

EchoGuard air tracking ranges

EchoGuard demonstrates high-performance C-UAS in this 20-drone swarm test.

EchoGuard radars deployed on Black Sage's Sawtooth C-UAS System.

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