Radar for Defense and Homeland

If an ESA radar could be reduced to the size of a paperback book with COTS pricing, it would be used everywhere. Echodyne delivers this breakthrough with its innovations in software-defined radar technology. Echodyne radars can operate standalone or as part of a larger system. We work with solution integrators, defense contractors, and military and government agencies to ensure mission requirements are met. 

Radar for Defense & Homeland

Counter-UAS Radar

EchoGuard is the ideal radar for counter-UAS site protection. With a large vertical field of view and fast update rates thanks to true 3D electronic beam steering, EchoGuard accurately detects, tracks, and classifies small UAS where it matters most - within 1 km of your protected site. It provides precise and reliable target location for putting eyes on target, cueing optical sensors, and directing mitigation responses.

With proven performance in live operations and in countless defense, federal, and private tests across diverse environments (urban, suburban, rural, maritime, and even airborne), EchoGuard has earned its place as the preferred C-UAS radar for dozens of counter-UAS system suppliers. Echodyne offers the counter-drone radar of choice for defense and homeland applications. 

radar for C-UAS

Border Security Radar

Unauthorized border crossings by ground, sea, or air threaten national security across the globe. Yesterday's fixed surveillance towers were large, expensive, and left vast expanses of borders unprotected. The portable kits were anything but portable. 

Today's innovative autonomous towers benefit from Echodyne's 3D radar surveillance capabilities to anchor their sensor suite. Powerful radar data cues multi-spectral cameras to create real-time situational awareness of air, ground, and marine domains. The same powerful and highly portable radar on a tripod or vehicle acts as a robust and cost-effective force multiplier for field agents.

radar for Border Security

EchoGuard on Anduril Sentry Tower

Portable ISR Radar

Until now, high-performance 3D ESA radar was not feasible for portable ISR needs. But with its ultra-low SWaP and a rugged solid-state design, EchoGuard is a truly man-portable high-performance radar -- less than ten kilograms total system carry weight for ten hours of battery powered field use.

Whether deployed standalone or integrated with additional sensors (optical/thermal), EchoGuard’s actionable radar data enhances ISR, acts as a force multiplier, and contributes to improved intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance. 

radar for Portable ISR

EchoGuard for portable ISR

EchoGuard radar deployed for portable ISR testing.

Base Security & Force Protection Radar

3D radar is an essential perimeter surveillance sensor for sensitive facilities and high-risk locations. EchoGuard’s ultra-low SWaP-C, built-in interference mitigation, and extensive software-defined masking capabilities make it easy to network multiple radars around a single site or perimeter, delivering 3D perimeter surveillance with robust coverage and low false alarms.

Rich data output from the radar precisely cues EO/IR sensors for visual tracking and object confirmation, ensuring timely security response. Echodyne radars offer unrivaled data integration options for robust ground and air domain surveillance with extraordinary accuracy – all at commercial prices.

radar for Base Security

EchoGuard radars on Threat Tracker system from NSWC Panama City

4x EchoGuard radars on Threat Tracker system from NSWC Panama City.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Radar

UAVs offer unprecedented new capabilities for defense and homeland security missions. For UAVs to operate safely, however, they will require powerful detect-and-avoid systems based on radar.

EchoFlight is an airborne ESA radar designed specifically for detect and avoid systems. With true 3D beam steering and sequential lobing super resolution, it provides reliable airspace awareness to ensure UAS mission success.

radar for UAV

USAF futuristic combat vehicle, Skyborg

Unmanned Ground Vehicle Radar

A key area of innovation in both the defense and technology industries is the development of UGVs capable of intelligently navigating any environment (especially harsh off-road environments). Traditional automotive radar is insufficient for autonomous driving even on well mapped modern roadways, and alternatives, such as Lidar, lose performance quickly when environmental conditions deteriorate. 

EchoDrive is a first-of-its-kind high-resolution imaging radar specifically designed for the highest levels of machine perception and vehicle autonomy. Grand challenges like autonomous vehicles require new ways of thinking about sensing. Our approach to cognitive AV radar is outlined in our whitepaper, Highly Adaptive Radar for Cognitive Imaging.

Unmanned Ground Vehicles

Demonstration of autonomous utility vehicle with sensor array.

Custom Radar Subsystems

Echodyne's patented MESA technology is a platform for developing unique electronically scanned array subsystems for non-Echodyne radar systems. We partner with leading defense contractors to provide unique high-performance components for select programs of record.

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