Cognitive AV Radar

EchoDrive is a sophisticated radar inspired by the way the human eyes, ears, and brain combine to understand their surroundings. Today's sensors for autonomous vehicles (AV) are one-way data flows, from sensor through fusion to decision and action. But when the data is inconclusive, how can the AV perception stack disambiguate the driving scene? How can sensors improve probabilistic outcomes? Dynamic control of 4D measurement resources will improve autonomous vehicle decision-making and safety. 

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Designed for advanced vehicle AI and research

EchoDrive is an advanced imaging radar designed for L4+ autonomous vehicle safety. 

Rich data for ML

Sensors that discard data to provide detection-level or higher data are making decisions about what data is best for training machine learning and drive decisions. That power should be in the hands of the AV stack developers. EchoDrive produces raw (pre-detection) data output that is ideal for ML-based classification and identification.

Increase probabilistic confidence

Running, walking, skateboarding, and scootering each have distinct doppler signatures, as do relative motions and cross sections of different wheel types. These data and others increase positive outcomes in drive decision and, ultimately, roadway safety.

Proven, reliable, ready to experiment

Echodyne knows how to make radars that perform. EchoDrive is an experimental, taskable, imaging, hybrid ESA/MIMO radar that pushes the boundaries of contemporary vehicle intelligence. 


76.0 - 77.0 Ghz (channelized)

77.0 - 81.0 Ghz (channelized)

Field of view

120° azimuth x 20° elevation

Angular resolution

±0.4° azimuth x ±1.5° elevation (Raleigh 3dB)

Velocity resolution

<0.2 m/sec

Update rate

1,000 - 250,000 pixels/sec

Our whitepaper on Highly Adaptive Cognitive Radar for enhanced cognition in autonomous ground vehicles.

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