Airspace Management Radar

EchoGuard is the only compact, solid-state radar with ESA beam-steering accuracy at commercial prices. With a choice of rich data output types, it is easily customized to site, user, and mission objectives. Ultra-low SWaP and market-leading performance makes EchoGuard ideal for UAS test centers, commercial corridors and droneports, and Smart Cities.

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Airspace situational awareness

EchoGuard is the only compact, solid state, high-performance ESA radar at commercial price points.

Intelligent networking

EchoGuard is a software-defined radar that is customizable to site and mission requirements. The radar can be combined with RadarHub and RadarNet to make large flight operation areas and defined long distance routes both possible and affordable.

Feature rich

With a long list of features and customization options, EchoGuard delivers sophisticated features and enhancements through periodic software releases.

Proven, reliable, ready to deploy

EchoGuard has been operating to specification in austere conditions and environments for public agencies, private companies, and UAS test centers. We invite you to learn more about how Echodyne furthers the UAS industry.

Field of view

120° azimuth x 80° elevation

Angular resolution

2° azimuth x 6° elevation


>1,000 m (sUAS)
>2,500 m (small manned)

Control I/O

Gigabit Ethernet

Power I/O

Snap lock 12-pin connector

Data output

40 MB/s: R/Vmaps

1 MB/s: Detections

25 kB/s: Tracks

4x EchoGuard radars on mast at Northern Plains UAS Test Center location in North Dakota providing hemispherical airspace situational awareness on manned aircraft (>5 km) and unmanned (>2 km).

EchoGuard airspace management in test configuration

EchoGuard has excelled at airspace management since the first radar was produced 3 years ago. This is a ground deployment test case for safely managing drone flights for weather investigation.

Learn more about EchoGuard for UAS missions, corridors, and large flight areas.