the radar platform company

Echodyne is 125 people creating breakthrough beam-steering radars for a range of existing and new defense, security, and autonomous machine applications. Our patents cover a range of inventions for designing and manufacturing electronically scanned array (ESA) radars in low SWaP formats and combining them with powerful, intelligent software. Our products are high performance radars that secure troops and bases, create new ISR capabilities, defend against rogue drones, enhance safety for air taxis, cargo drones, droneports, and corridors, and unlock new potential for autonomous ground vehicles. 

Echodyne, the radar platform company

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It’s not often you get the chance to change an industry by bringing truly revolutionary technology to market – technology that disrupts existing markets and creates vast new ones. It’s difficult and challenging work, but it’s also exciting, energizing, satisfying, and rewarding!

We keep the kitchen well-stocked with food, fruit, and drinks and there are monthly lunches, impromptu barbecues, and seasonal celebrations. We want to learn more and contribute more than ever before, and have fun while doing so. We want to do great things and be around great people. We want this to be the best job for each of us!

Open positions are posted below. If you don't see what you like, feel free to contact us. 

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Good people having fun while working hard

Echodyne is a privately held venture backed company with an acclaimed group of investors, including: Bill Gates, Madrona Venture Group, NEA, Vanedge Capital, and Vulcan Capital.

Our business proposition is straightforward: Radar is an indispensable all-weather sensor when having the best sensor matters, but the use of radar has been hampered by unattractive price-performance characteristics. Our breakthrough radar technology changes the price-performance tradeoff and unlocks the power of radar for many new applications.

We combine revolutionary MESA technology with Acuity intelligent software to create radar sensors with unprecedented performance at commercial prices. Our radar enables:
* Defense and Homeland applications
* Security for Critical Infrastructure Protection
* Autonomous machine (air, ground, and marine) applications.