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Tower Mounting Kit

All-weather 24/7 Counter-UAS deployment solution for securely mounting multiple EchoGuard radar units for 1 km sUAS radial detection range. Precisely position radars on a central column for simultaneous overlapping coverage to support 360° azimuth by 80° elevation airspace surveillance without the inherent track update delay from rotational radar systems. Enables camera slew-to-cue coordination, track hand-off, and data fusion with other sensor modalities (ADS-B, RF direction finding, etc). Fully customizable solution that adapts to your site plans and mission requirements.

Key Features:

  • 4 EchoGuard radars on a pole provide 1 km radial coverage for sUAS
  • Modular system includes separate arm brackets and pole adapters
  • Easily configurable for mounting 1, 2 or 4 radars
  • Powder coated, solid aluminum construction with mounting hardware
  • Accommodates pole diameters from 65 to 225+ mm (2.6” to 8.6”+)
  • Arm brackets include swivel for customized radar orientations
  • Additional options for building parapet and corner mount solutions
  • Cabling solutions for any scenario

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