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Rapid Deployment Kit

The entire RDK fits in a Pelican 1620 case, can be set up and running in less than 5 minutes and is extremely easy to operate in typical field locations. This kit is ideally suited for quick deployments where 24/7 protection is needed most. For extended patrol missions, the RDK is designed to fit in a backpack (< 15 lbs with essential components). For situations requiring 360° surveillance or complex distributed perimeters, multiple radars can be networked and controlled from the EchoGuard UI application.

1x Compact tripod with pan/tilt head and quick release
1x Radar mounting bracket with red-dot aiming site & dust cover
1x Cable spool with 2x 50' CAT6 outdoor cable & RJ-45 couplers
1x Cellular/WiFi router (optional)
1x Radome cover with magnetic attachment
2x BB-2590 7.5 Ah rechargeable Li-Ion batteries
1x 24v AC/DC adapter
1x Battery molle pouch
*EchoGuard radar sold separately

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