Commercial UAS Market

Commercial use of UAS for precision agriculture, long-distance infrastructure inspection, package delivery, disaster response, and analytics initiatives will skyrocket in the coming years.

To safely fly beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) or autonomous missions, commercial UAS need to be able to detect and avoid both cooperative and non-cooperative aircraft. This need can be addressed with an Echodyne airborne radar on board the UAV or with an Echodyne ground-based radar to deconflict the airspace over the operating area. Flight data from either type of radar can be incorporated into UAS Traffic Management (UTM) systems, such as those being developed by NASA and the FAA.

Echodyne radars are built to lift the UAS market to new heights.

Airborne Radar for UAS Flight Safety

For long distance BVLOS operations, such as linear infrastructure inspections or package delivery missions, airborne radar onboard the UAV is the economical way to ensure mission safety and success.

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EchoFlight Airborne Radar

Our compact airborne radar combining best-in-class detection and tracking capability with low weight and low power is perfect for integration into a wide variety of UAS platforms. Long-range, all-weather detection and tracking, including Search While Track (SWT) capability, enables Beyond Visual Line Of Sight (BVLOS) flights and airspace awareness. The precision of our beam-steering radar minimizes collision risk for cooperative and non-cooperative aircraft alike.

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Ground-Based Radar for UAS Mission Management

For UAS operations in a fixed area or corridor, powerful ground-based radar is an effective way to scan the skies and manage the airspace during mission operations. This includes missions such as photography, construction, agriculture, industrial inspection, and First Responder operations.

Ground-based radar data can also be easily integrated into unmanned traffic management (UTM) systems. UAS Service Suppliers (USS), such as our Industry Partners, are designing airspace management systems that integrate with and share data among all USS and with the Air Traffic Management (ATM) system.

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EchoGuard for Ground-Based UAS Mission Management

Clearing the airspace for commercial UAS missions requires a high performance radar able to see both other UAS and manned aircraft (cooperative and non-cooperative), enhancing the UAS pilot’s ability to avoid collision. EchoGuard offers critical ground-based management of localized commercial UAS operations. It detects non-cooperative intruders and verifies cooperative targets to achieve unique mission objectives with minimal risk. The compact, all-weather design is among the most powerful yet affordable and easy to install radars on the market.

EchoGuard For Airspace Management