Security Threats Are Changing

For hundreds of years, securing a location has meant building walls, manning outposts, and guarding for an approach by ground. Evolving from wooden fences and lookouts to engineered barriers and video management systems (VMS), security remains preoccupied with unauthorized intrusion by car, truck, or individuals on foot.


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Security is Now a 3D Problem

The new threat is over our heads, literally. Whether you call these flying things unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), or simply drones, their accessibility and features challenge every security audit and risk assessment. Drones are inexpensive and their advanced capabilities create a tool of high utility. While the imagination tends toward payloads of contraband or munitions, drones can just as easily be configured as a spy-in-the-sky or a remote cyber attack platform. And if malevolent action is the intent, drones are easily programmed to fly without operator or RF signature on one-way missions.

EchoGuard Counter-UAS Radar

Echodyne offers the only compact, lightweight, solid-state, true ESA radar on the market. Ideal for detecting and tracking drones, EchoGuard radar is the leading choice for borders, ports, critical infrastructure perimeters, temporary events and stadiums, and anywhere that unauthorized overflight of a facility or location is a concern. We offer our radar alone or as part of a rapid deployment kit to security professionals, government agencies, law enforcement professionals, and we seek security partners to integrate our advanced sensor data into multi-sensor 3D security platforms.

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Robust Security Requires Multiple Sensors

While radar is essential for securing against drone threats, security is more robust when radar is combined with other sensors into an array. Acoustic sensors provide range but are susceptible to noisy environments. RF sensors can track drones and operators but only if RF is engaged. EO/IR drive high-confidence identification. Each has their use and place.

Many turn to Security Integrators or Security Consultants to tailor a solution to threat and location. Echodyne is pleased to be selected as the radar of choice by many of the world's leading Security System Integrators and Consultancies.

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