Critical National Infrastructure

Drones. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Whichever name you use, the threat from unprotected airspace around critical infrastructure remains the same.

Securing the airspace around and above critical infrastructure is a modern security imperative. Radar is the best sensor to protect against all drone threats, especially non-RF emitting ("dark") drones.

Drones Are a Physical and Cyber Threat

Even the most secure organizations and facilities are likely vulnerable to penetration from the sky. From interfering with aircraft and breaching secure perimeters to crashing and causing wildfires, UAS have proven that their associated physical risk scenarios are limited only by the imagination—and they can affect not only the individuals and organizations that operate them, but the people, structures, and organizations in their vicinity as well...

Drones are even marrying physical risk to cyber risk—by landing on the roof of a target building, for example, drones can provide the physical proximity necessary to collect sensitive information, exploit cyber vulnerabilities, and conduct a wide range of cyber attacks to devastating effect.

- UAS Risk Management: Thriving Amid Emerging Threats and Opportunities, p. 8-9 (Nov 2018)

The Answer: 3D Surveillance Radar

Echodyne's MESA technology creates the world's first high-performance, compact, solid state, electronically scanned array (ESA) radar. World-class innovation brings military-like sensor performance to government and industry at commercial price points.

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