Border Surveillance

There is no single answer for situational awareness along international boundaries. New technology, however, is providing new possibilities for enhanced situational awareness and autonomous border surveillance.

Fixed autonomous towers with multiple sensors anchored by radar maintain awareness for locations with known unauthorized crossings. Truly man-portable rapid radar deployment kits are a force multiplier and enhance agent safety.

A well-informed, situationally aware border security force is both technologically possible and surprisingly affordable.

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EchoGuard for 3D Security

Autonomous Border Surveillance

Self-sufficient remote towers contain solar power cells, batteries, and communications capabilities enabling full-time surveillance of remote border areas. Radar is the ideal sensor to anchor the platform and cue other sensors for signal confirmation or identification.


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Situational Awareness in Any Location

Only radar extends the visual acuity of agents in the field. Quick setup radar enables field agents to automatically surveil large tracts of border territory, identify threats at distance, and share data with other field agents and command centers.

Kit holds everything you need:

  • Radar UI software
  • Ruggedized touchscreen laptop
  • Wired or Wireless connection
  • EchoGuard radar
  • Rugged tripod
  • 2x batteries for < 10hrs of radar time
  • Setup time: < 10 minutes