3D Radar

Built on MESA technology, EchoGuard achieves mission objectives at COTS pricing. With comprehensive and easy-to-use APIs, flexible embedded software, and multiple data output options, EchoGuard radars can be integrated into sophisticated command and control (C2) systems or can operate standalone using Echodyne’s C2 software. EchoGuard’s precise 3D coordinates and fast update rate can cue EO/IR or other directional sensors for AI or human-based object identification and mitigation response.  

EchoGuard product video

Breakthrough performance at COTS pricing

EchoGuard's MESA technology brings advanced ESA radar performance to Counter-UAS missions at commercial-off-the-shelf pricing. 

Search While Track

EchoGuard continuously searches the configured field of view while simultaneously tracking multiple targets, including swarms. 

Sequential lobing super-resolution

When a target is tracked, EchoGuard revisits the target at up to 10hz for precise airspace coordinates.

Proven. Reliable. Ready to Deploy.

Selected as the radar of choice by dozens of counter-UAS systems providers, EchoGuard delivers outstanding performance to achieve mission objectives.  


K-band. 24.45 - 24.65 Ghz

Field of view

120° azimuth x 80° elevation

Angular resolution

±1° azimuth x ±3° elevation

Max tracks

≤20 simultaneous tracks

Search While Track (SWT)

Tracks updated at 10 Hz while radar intelligently searches FOV

Typical tracking ranges for air targets:

EchoGuard typical detection ranges for small UAS

EchoGuard radars deployed on Black Sage's Sawtooth CUAS System

EchoGuard demonstrates high-performance C-UAS in this 20-drone swarm test.

Learn more about EchoGuard for Counter-UAS mission success. 

Low operating profile, high performance 

ESA performance in a solid state format means no parts to service, no maintenance schedule. EchoGuard is designed to perform consistently. 

Built-in interference mitigation

With built-in interference mitigation and user-defined search and masking options, EchoGuard radars are designed to be networked together to create cost-effective volumetric coverage over large areas or along borders.

Rich-data output

Multiple data output options, from fully-processed tracks to raw range / velocity maps) allow for easy integration into C2 systems or for offboard custom processing. 

Proven. Reliable. Ready to Deploy.

EchoGuard has been providing outstanding border surveillance performance for our customers working with U.S. government authorities. 

Field of view

120° azimuth x 80° elevation

Scan volume

User configurable

Search update rate

~1 Hz for 120° azimuth x 60° elevation volume

Track acquisition rate

New tracks acquired <1 second

Data output

R/Vmaps: 40 MB/s
Detections: 1 MB/s
Tracks: 25 kB/s

Typical tracking ranges for ground targets:

EchoGuard typical tracking ranges for ground targets

The full Sentry Tower with Lattice Platform AI from Anduril

EchoGuard in testing along the US southern border

EchoGuard radar as man-portable field situational awareness for border agency.

Learn more about EchoGuard for Border Security mission success. 

Real human-portability

EchoGuard is a truly man-portable radar - less than seven kilograms total system carry weight for a complete single radar kit with ten hours of battery-powered field use. 

Force multiplier

Improvements in intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance increase mission performance and enhance safety. 

Sequential lobing super-resolution

When a target is tracked, EchoGuard revisits the target at up to 10hz for precise 3D airspace coordinates and velocity.

Proven. Reliable. Ready to Deploy.

Solid-state rugged design means the radar is deployable in minutes with no calibration required. 


20.3 cm x 16.3 cm x 4 cm


1.25 kg (2.75 lbs)


DC +15 V to +28 V
<50 W (operating)
<15 W (hot standby)


-40°C to +75°C

Weather protection


EchoGuard in field test

EchoGuard radar in field demonstration

EchoGuard Rapid Deployment Kit

EchoGuard Rapid Deployment Kit provides maximum portability for high-performance radar.

Learn more about EchoGuard for highly-portable ISR requirements. 

Superior 3D situational awareness

EchoGuard offers unrivaled price-performance for reliably and accurately tracking ground, surface, and air threats. 

COTS pricing

Innovative MESA technology eliminates moving parts and smashes the price barrier for high performance ESA radar to secure defense assets and facilities. 

Scale deployments to fit any need

Designed for broad deployments of networked radars with our new RadarHub managing power cycles and operational tasks. Ultra-low SWaP. Standard Ethernet connectivity. Powerful ground+air surveillance capabilities. 

Proven. Reliable. Ready to Deploy.

EchoGuard has been reliably operating in austere weather and environmental conditions for years. It has been tested by many agencies, technology directorates, and service branches, typically winning top honors. 

Instrumented range

6 km


Operational modes enable quick and simple configuration for tracking of ground and airspace targets.

Control I/O

Gigabit Ethernet

Power I/O

Snap lock 12-pin connector


VESA 75 & 100 mm

Example site map for radar deployment at CONUS base

Site map example for radar deployment, showing airspace (blue) and orange (ground) coverage.

EchoGuard demonstrating airspace surveillance in urban area

EchoGuard deployed for urban airspace situational awareness near major port.

Learn more about EchoGuard for Base Security and Force Protection. 

Echodyne has defined a number of accessory packages to accelerate plans and manage deployments more successfully. 


RadarHub intelligently manages up to 5 radars from a single console. Easily integrated into the existing security architecture or used standalone for temporary yet robust ground and airspace situational awareness. 

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RadarHub on mast with 4 EchoGuard radars

Radarhub can be mounted to masts or used with optional ground stand.

Tower Mounting Kit

A pre-engineered mounting solution for a wide range of pole diameters, the Tower Mounting Kit provides the proper spacing for optimizing EchoGuard radar performance. 

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EchoGuard radars on Tower Mounting Kit

EchoGuard radars on Tower Mounting Kit.

Rapid Deployment Kit

A pre-engineered portable radar kit contains all the elements necessary for complete deployment in less than 10 minutes for 10 hours of field use on just 2x BB-2590 batteries.

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Rapid Deployment Kit

Rapid Deployment Kit for transporting and operating EchoGuard radars for remote and/or portable applications.

Quick Start Kit

A pre-engineered kit for testing and integration activities, it includes a hard case for radar protection, an 8' power and data cable, and foam for desktop testing. 

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Quick Start Kit

Ideal for the first radar testing and integration activities.