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Echodyne radars are adopted as the primary sensor for a range of applications across industry. As a component supplier in your market solution, Echodyne leaves no doubt that we are helping you win business. We frequently receive market inquires for solutions well beyond our sensor's capabilities, so Echodyne is organized to promote and refer your company and solutions for all inquiries and in our outreach efforts. We offer radar expertise, resources to assist with data and software integration, and guidance from specialists on how to get the most from your Echodyne radar!

We have two types of Industry Partners: The first, focused on ground and air security integrators that deliver comprehensive security solutions for the most complex 3D security challenges; The second, focused on airspace management partners that integrate surveillance systems with Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) platforms and the national airspace to deliver safety-focused fixed, corridor, and portable commercial UAS missions.


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